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Why You Should Start A Podcast

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Today we are talking about podcasts, and why having one up and running is the best way to build your authority and credibility. Podcasts have seen an exponential growth within the last two years, mostly because they can be consumed wherever you are. So here is how to make podcasting part of your visibility strategy.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Who are podcast listeners and why you should consider them as your audience
  • The different patterns of consuming podcasts and videos
  • How podcasts build know, like and trust factors with the audience
  • What you need to know before stating a podcast
  • Finding the right place of podcasting in your business strategy
  • How to grow your podcast in a way that creates more awareness, connection, and loyalty to your personal brand
  • How to monetise your podcast

Podcasting is the best low-cost way to get your message out there to the right people. When it’s done right, a podcast can transform your business. For any speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, or anyone building a personal brand, now is the time to jump on board before the market is oversaturated, and to put your own stamp in your niche and in your field.

Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples is a multi-award winning Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and host of Entrepreneurs Get Visible, no.3 iTunes charts podcast show.

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