Create Accelerated Results™️ in your business

in just 28 Days with my VIP Immersive 1:2:1 Experience

As a high achiever and emerging leader, 

you're frustrated that your business isn't moving fast enough.  

You're ready to accelerate your impact, influence and income.

You are ready to get results.

Feeling stuck in your business isn't helping anyone.

You want to build a business that brings you joy, connection and a sense of purpose.

That ENERGISES you. That makes you feel ALIVE.

Not one that brings you down, of that feels stale, boring and like hard work.

You're ashamed to admit that things just aren't working.

You are ready to do the inner work and outer efforts that gets you results quickly.

You're open to creating excitement, adventure and joy in your business.


  • You've been caught up in procrastination, and if you're honest you're beginning to resent your business
  • You're stuck worrying about everything being perfect so you don't take action
  • Maybe you've got the income, but you've built a business that doesn't light you up. You've gone in the wrong direction.
  • You're concerned that you'll be judged as a failure if you put yourself out there in a new direction
  • You're ready to breakthrough to the next income ceiling and make (and keep!) more money than you ever have before,
  • You're sick and tired hustling every day and not really getting anywhere, just on a treadmill
  •  You want to feel so confident in yourself and your offers so that can accelerate your visibility, credibility & reputation.
  • You want to experience success without sacrifice to your personal life, relationships or mental & physical wellbeing
  • You want to feel alive and revitalised with a new vision for yourself
  • You've had enough of your business being overlooked and overshadowed
  • You want results NOW, not in a few years time.

My Accelerated Results Method™️ VIP Immersive can help you to:

  • Kickstart a new idea into life
  • Attract more (and better paying) clients
  • Charge (and keep) more money for your services
  • Take massive action fast to transform your business
  • Re-energise and re-motivate yourself
  • Skyrocket your confidence

There are many around you who believe getting great results in your life & business isn't really possible.

That is takes hard slog and a long time. Or is just for the chosen few.

I'm here to tell you that isn't the case.

You are not here to mess around. And nor am I.

I want to help you kickstart or re-ignite powerfully.

When you connect strongly with a vision of what you want, release your subconscious self-sabotaging blocks,

follow a strategy with strong deadlines and commit to taking massive action,

you can achieve what most people consider impossible. 

And quickly. 

You want to grow to £20k+ months and way beyond? Consistently? Consider it done.

Want to stand out in your field, and become the go-to person. Yep. That too.

‘Anna changed the way I approach my career and my life. And this has opened up so many more opportunities for me!

I can’t thank her enough for helping me become the person I was always meant to be before I limited myself.’ 

Ally Murphy

Anna is very easy to work with and her methods can yield extraordinary changes

 that are as unexpected as they are revelatory...working with Anna is a huge help. 

I’ve quadrupled my income in under six months.

Sam Devereaux

To achieve Accelerated Results™️, you need to take massive action.


With the right help, you could transform your business in just 28 days…

You are capable of so much more than you are achieving.

You sense it every time one of your peers shares a big financial milestone online. Or when they win an award, or piece of stellar PR.

You wonder, 'When's it my turn?'

My answer: 'As soon as you decide to put in the work to get Accelerated Results™️.'

Following my exclusive Accelerated Results Method™️ (ARM), only available in my VIP Immersive 1:2:1 experience, there are two sides you need to engage to create winning outcomes.

ARM One - it starts with unraveling the subconscious blocks - the self- sabtoage, the excuses, the limited thinking.

Get to the heart of the matter, eradicate imposter syndrome and excuses that don't serve you and BOOM. You're ready to skyrocket.

ARM Two - this is the where you need to be honest about what you want and what you are prepared to do get there fast. 

With a killer strategy for visibility and massive action, you can create impactful results at speed.

In just 28 days.

I used to wonder why I didn't get the results I wanted, why I didn't earn what I dreamed of, why I didn't have the success and recognition I craved.

And then I discovered the power of deep subconsicous work coupled with massive strategic action.

Everything changed.

Suddenly there were no limits, no boundaries.

I wasn't scared to go for my big dreams and ambitions.

The worry, boredom and procrastination disappeared. A sense of fun and adventure arrived. How fast could I get results?

Turns our pretty fast!

As a result, I became a regular award finalist on the red carpets in Hollywood, an international Motivational Speaker, multi-award winning Business & Mindset Coach. I became Entrepreneur of the Year & Business Woman of the Year.

I took my business from zero to multi-six figures in semi-passive income streams. I wrote two bestsellers and launched a global reaching podcast. 

And I made more impact, more income and more influence than I could before.

Using my unique Accelerated Results Method™️ in our bespoke 1-2-1 sessions, you'll experience the exact processes I have used to transform my personal self-worth and my business financial success.

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You may be wondering how I can be so sure of this...

 Well, over the last 10 years I have transformed not only my own life and businesses over and over again, 

 I have helped hundreds of clients to do the same.  

With a fusion of Master Level NLP/TLT & Master Hypnosis work, coupled with the strategic knowledge I've accumulated from being mentored directly by some of the world's leading experts in entrepreneurial and personal development, I've pioneered my own transformational methods for business success. 

This exclusive approach creates exceptional growth, fast.

Question is, are you ready to shift into the next level, powerful version of you?

If the answer is 'YES!', keep reading...


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Just a handful of Accelerated Results™️

  • Doubling, tripling, even QUADRUPLING their prices
  • Winning awards that give their business & talents recognition and credibility
  • Changing business direction with ease and confidence
  • Becoming booked out months in advance
  • Highest income months ever during our work together
  • Best EVER launch results- beyond what was expected
  • Being featured in credible high quality national publications

  •  Powerfully overcoming visibility fears
  • Achieving their first 5-figure and multi-5 figure months
  • Finally writing and publishing a book they've had an idea about for years!
  • Claiming the stage - going after and landing the places they want to speak on
  • Letting go of offers and programmes that don't bring joy and passion

I think it would be too big a coincidence that my life has changed in every area since I worked with Anna.

Work, home, health, finances, levels of enjoyment, gratitude. It's all connected in a way that I didn't really see before.

The feeling when you start working with yourself rather than in spite of yourself is very, very liberating. 

Luci Fish

I've been where you are right now. 

I knew I wanted more success, more money and better business results.

I knew I was great at what I did but I was scared.

I worried I'd be judged if I failed.

I worried I'd be judged if I was successful.

I wanted to have more IMPACT and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting anywhere.

Through some rather dramatic life events, including disability, I realised the epic potential I had. 

The only one who had been holding me back from success was ME!

 My underlying lack of confidence caused me to sabotage my business. 

The tools and techniques I'll be sharing in this exclusive package hold so much meaning to me as they transformed everything.

They are the reason I win major awards, the reason I take risks, the reason for my successes. The reason for my financial growth and business acceleration.

It's all here in my Accelerated Results Method™️

Everything I've learned through my training as a Master NLP Practitioner and Master of Hypnosis. The foundations of all the mindset work I do daily as an entrepreneur. 

Coupled with the strategic learnings I've gained from spending over £100k on business mentorship, with some of the world's leading entrepreneurial figures, including being invited to mastermind with Sir Richard Branson on his private Necker Island. 

Accelerated Results Method™️ will affect your whole life, not just the next 28 days.


How we'll achieve Acclerated Results™️

Using my progressive subconscious and strategic Accelerated Results Method™ (ARM), I will take you through four stages of process to help prepare you to become a successful leader of both your business and your personal life.

You will become ready to let go of what causes angst, disconnect and low level anxiety in your business,

 to powerfully claim the stage and own what you do,

in an aligned, energised way. 

This work is broken down into two ARMs - Subconscious and Strategic Action.

Subconscious ARM

Week One:  Ignition Call  - 60 minutes

We get clear on what is working, where your resistance lies, and what you REALLY want to bring to fruition. We identify where you are playing small or have gone down the wrong path with your business.

You begin commited action to actively work on your subconscious programming on a daily basis for the next 28 Days, using the powerful  Accelerated Results Hypnosis audio recordings that I send to you.

Week Two: Accelerated Breakthrough Intensive - 5 hour session

This is where the seismic shifts happen. Through a full day of intensive NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time Line Therapy) and incredible breakthrough work, we unravel and rebuild the subconscious limitations that have kept you stuck, or veering off-course. This work is deep, healing and purposeful, leaving you ready to build your business with ease, excitement, peace, joy and flow. Believe me, it can change EVERYTHING.

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Strategic ARM

Week Three:  Strategic Vision Mapping  - 3 Hours

This is where we get specific about what is going on in your business. Where your attention needs to be, what offers you are ready to bring the world, or what it is time to ditch.  We'll review your prices, your packages, your visibility and authority to create a bespoke action plan for achieving accelerated results, in terms of financial growth, purposeful, aligned work and peer recognition.

Week Four: Future Pacing Call - 60 minutes

We create a rock solid plan of attack for daily actions, habits and thought processes that will bring you and your business Accelerated Results™️. We'll identify the massive actions you are ready to take to expand your progress, & we'll use future pacing techniques to embed the new beliefs about the growth you are about to create into your subconscious, so that you are energised, alive and raring to go!

In addition, throughout the 28 Days Accelerated Results™️ process you will have:

- Personal access to me 24/7

- Access to powerful hypnosis recordings

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Working with Anna has provided me with more than one lightbulb moment, the power of Anna's work is incredible.

Her support and ideas are (still!) transforming my mindset when it comes to balancing my life and my business. 

She has opened my eyes to a whole new level of possibilities and opportunities and I’ll be forever grateful.

Faye Carruthers

If you are looking for someone with a commited approach 

to helping you get Accelerated Results, then you're in the right place.

Accelerated Results Method™ is an integration of the scientific neuro-programming work on the subconscious compounded by bespoke strategic devising for ultimate business growth.  

It involves an exclusive fusion of high impact proven subconscious mindset programming techniques, inclusive of hypnotherapy, NLP, TLT combined with in-depth strategic level coaching to rapidly transform your business and your confident self.

You may be thinking that 28 days isn’t long enough to accelerate, and you'd be right to wonder.

Clients regularly refer to my work as extraordinary or revelatory, since the powerful shifts can often be experienced immediately. 

I know you're ready to make some changes to how you feel about your business.

Here are some examples of what this work has overcome:

Fear of not being good enough | Not charging enough | Shame and resistance after 'failed' launches |

 Perfectionism | Limiting Beliefs | Imposter Syndrome | Procrastination | 

Inefficient Delegation |Not taking risks | A feeling of disconnection and lack of alignment | Money Blocks |

Overwhelm | Burnout | Resistance and heaviness towards business | A sense of being stuck |

Boredom | Frustration | Resentment of peers

Imagine if you could find your way back to joy, passion and excitement in your business.

Where you wake up every morning ready and ignited to do the work that calls powerfully to you.

Imagine you have created the ability to have less clients and more income, rolling into your bank account on a daily basis.

Think what it would be like to remove the barriers to getting visible, and to claim your space on the online (and real!) stages where you gain stellar recognition for the work you do.

Imagine being brave enough to leave behind the offers and programmes that no longer light you up, knowing that there is way MORE for you, just a few steps away.

Sense what it would be like to lead the way in your industry.

What it would feel like to step away from stagnation, overwhelm, boredom & burnout back into an aligned, purposeful vision that excites and energises you.

See yourself operating from a higher level version of you, able to easily excel at what you stand for.

Imagine if you allowed yourself access to these life-changing tools that created lasting momentum that result in exceptional growth that alters everything.  

It's all open to you too.

Here's how...

You have to SEE & UNDERSTAND your potential before you can create Accelerated Results™️

It is all there ready and waiting for you to step into your next level self.

The investment for this exceptional business VIP immersive is 
£7.5k (inclusive of VAT) 

and I have limited spaces per month.

Whatever it is that has been keeping you stuck, we can shift it,

build momentum and change fast, to leave you ready to grow.

You were born for much more.

And you know it, don't you? 

Now is your time to claim it.


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