The Single Most Important Activity to Build Your Income -

The Single Most Important Activity to Build Your Income

Anna Parker-Naples The Single most important activity to grow your income - client acquisition Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

The single most important and often neglected thing in building your business and income is client acquisition, which comes in the form of your marketing. There's no point having a satisfied customer if you haven't managed to get one in the first place. So how are you going to get those clients?

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Why you need to be seen in proper way on social media
  • The benefits and opportunities of doing live videos
  • Why podcasting is the best way to be heard
  • How to be remembered through your thought-out marketing funnels
  • Meetups and live events as powerful ways to be remembered

Remember that it’s not client satisfaction, it is client acquisition that will build your income. So go get seen on social media and live videos, get heard on podcasts, and get remembered through your amazing marketing that's going to speak to your ideal client. 

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Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples is a multi-award winning Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and host of Entrepreneurs Get Visible, no.3 iTunes charts podcast show.

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