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171 Jessica Laverde: How to Create Clients for Life

Today we talk about gaining your first client, attracting people to you, and then making sure they stick with you. I’m joined by Jessica Laverde, the founder of the Self Made Empire, who coaches female entrepreneurs to create impactful businesses. What You Will Learn In This Episode: Why you would want to create clients for […]


170 Big Painful Business Lessons

Today I want to share with you many of the mistakes that I made, the learnings that I had, and fast actions I’ve taken on the journey towards creating an online business.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: What happens if you don’t know how to launch properly How to face failure and grow […]


169 How to Create a Very Successful Online Course with Liam James Collins

Today we’re talking about how to create an exceptionally successful online course. I’m joined by Liam James Collins from The Coaching Masters. We’re discussing why having a digital course is something you can’t miss out of your entrepreneurial toolkit.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: Where to start with creating an online course  What you […]