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104 Compilation Episode 2

This is the 5th part of my celebration series for reaching 100 episodes. I’m bringing you lots of my guests and their pearls of wisdom that they have shared on the show. Listening to these movers, shakers and action takers together, I hope you find lots of inspiration and motivation to transform your business. Make sure […]


103 Anna Gets Grilled By Amy Rowlinson

As a result of being interviewed on other people’s podcasts, I realised there were parts of me that I haven’t shown on my own podcast. So I invited a great interviewer and the host of Focus on Why, Amy Rowlinson, to give me a grilling and ask some deep questions. What We Cover In This Episode:  […]


101 Compilation Episode

This is the 2nd part of my 100 episode celebration mini-series, and the amalgamation of what I consider to be the absolute pearls of wisdom that have come from many of my guests. These amazing pieces of advice hopefully leave you with inspiration, motivation and knowing that you can create whatever you want, because anything is […]


097 Amy Rowlinson: Focus on Why

Amy Rowlinson is a coach, iTunes #1 podcaster, mastermind host, speaker and property investor. In this episode we talk about Amy’s new podcast Focus on WHY, where she asks her guests to share their WHY - what it is they do and why they do it. Let's dive deep into it.  What You Will Learn In […]