Rob Moore: Vulnerability As You Get Visible –

Rob Moore: Vulnerability As You Get Visible

Rob Moore Anna Parker-Naples Vulnerability as you Get Visible with Rob Moore Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

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Today I’m interviewing Rob Moore, one of UK’s leading entrepreneurs in the area of business and self-development. Rob is a best-selling author, a record breaker in public speaking, and the host of one of the leading business podcasts. In this episode we talk about vulnerability as you get visible, and thoughts and behaviours that might hold you back when you decide to get out there.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Why visibility is vital to be an entrepreneur and what’s the cost of it
  • The benefits of consistently showing up on social media
  • How to overcome fear of being judged and not liked by everyone
  • How to prevent burning out and resentment towards your work
  • How much sharing is oversharing with the audience
  • Mindset shifts that helped Rob go from being an unrecognised artist to a being a successful entrepreneur

Following Rob’s advice, ask yourself what is your biggest fear around getting visible. Remember that being judged is inevitable, so just go on and show yourself anyway. In the end it’s all about being human and showing your vulnerability as you ride the waves of success, failure and life in between.

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