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My self- styled title of Success Coach comes from a desire to tie in my personal interests within the coaching world, with my own personal, professional and creative achievement together with the recognised qualifications I have gained.

 To some people, knowing the exact qualification is an important piece of the puzzle when choosing to work with someone who will help change their life. Here are some of my most relevant qualifications and associations:
NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming)

Master Hypnotherapist

Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Life Coach

Mindfulness Teacher

Meditation Teacher

All of my coaching, teaching and audio production work in the Mindset field is fully insured, and I have professional affiliations to to ABNLP (American Board of NLP) and the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy).

If you would like any further details on my recognised qualifications and trainings, please ask. 

Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples is a Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and award-winning British Voice Actor.

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