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Podcast with Impact: How to Start & Launch Your Podcast Properly

No.1 Amazon bestseller

Podcast with Impact contains the recipe to amplify your message.

This rapidly-growing medium is not just about plugging in a microphone and talking. It is a way to reach and inspire one person at a time.

Done well, a podcast can position you alongside world-class leaders in your field and boost your business. Done poorly, it can quickly become a headache and fizzle out.

This book gives you the know-how on everything you need to start and launch your podcast properly.


Praise for Anna's books:

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To be successful in business, first you need to get noticed. This book teaches you how to become visible, credible & scalable in your field.

Rob Moore  -

Multiple Bestselling Author including “Money” & host of the Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast

A great guide to growing your business

M. McCook  

So much practical advice in this book, plus Anna's inspiring personal story set alongside. I've used it as my guide, whilst launching a new business. Thoroughly recommended.

Insightful & Inspiring

Jemma Malone 

I can not recommend this book enough. Anna Parker-Naples takes you through her own journey, including the highs and lows, and how she’s utilised these for her success. This is a perfect book to help you feel inspired, motivated, and ready to become visible, influential and ready to take on the world. Be ready to go through a range of emotions as you read each chapter and fall in love with the drive & motivation behind Anna’s story.

Every word resonated and reignited me


Thank you for getting visible. Every word resonated with me and reignited something in me to step up to use the skills i have as a womens leadership coach and senior leader in a national charity to support the third sector that i love, have built my career in but can take its toll on the passionate women who work every day to make others lives that little more hopeful. Driven by your words 'anything is possible when you get visible' ..and as you say we don't do this alone. The balance of personal story, practical tips to help become visible and tools to work through to build own vision and confidence were great.

I challenge you to read it

Marion Ellis

I have learned so much and understand myself so much better through this book. I am quite blown away. I have a stack of personal development books on my shelf.

This book in many ways is a personal journey and that vulnerability is why it is so powerful and resonates.

WOW! This is life-changing.

EM Sharpe

I started reading this book thinking it would be about Anna's journey being in a wheelchair to success as an actor and coach.

What I really didn't expect, was to learn about NLP and so many 'drop the mic' moments with our everyday thoughts patterns and language and how we can truly change our future by noticing and being more mindful of this.
The book has end of chapter exercises for the reader to work through which is so powerful!

I hope this is just the start of a series of books from Anna as she has so much to give to the world! Thank you Anna!! From a fan in Derbyshire!

Raw, Honest, Inspirational, Transformational


This is such a raw, honest book that you will want to keep listening and reading many times over. You'll find yourself nodding and ahhing with the occasional hell yes thrown in too. This book gives you permission and encourages you to look deep at your current beliefs, the ones holding you back and then gives the practical guidance and tools to change them so they work for you not against you.
Anna is truly inspirational and this book is transformational and one that I highly recommend and will also be gifting many of my clients.