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Podcast Guesting 


How to profit from podcast appearances


Anna Parker-Naples

Wednesday 29th July 2020, 8pm

  • Find the right shows to attract your ideal client
  • Develop your Topic of Influence to be THE go-to expert
  • Build rapport with hosts so they say 'YES!"
  • Discover the Do's and Don't's of pitching the podcasters
  • Increase your income from every interview

Hello, I'm Anna

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and creatives to get Visible, so they can create more impact, influence and income.

Right now, there's a medium that is gaining ground faster than any other form of marketing -Podcasts.

I used to wonder why I didn't get the results I wanted after a handful of interviews - they weren't bringing in more clients or leads.

What was the point?

I was spending valuable time in the interviews.

I knew others were getting a massive ROI for their time. Why not me?

And then I discovered that it is all in the strategic planning.

I went back to basics and worked out WHO I wanted to reach and WHAT they needed to know.

With a few simple easy to implement (and easy to overlook) tweaks, I started to generate more leads, more referrals and more opportunities.

I now make podcast guesting a cornerstone of my business strategy.

Because done right, it can helped me make more impact, more income and more influence than I could before.

In this Live  Masterclass,  Podcast Guesting Mastery I teach you the exact processes I have used to transform my podcast guesting strategy.

  • Get clarity on the topic you want to be known for
  • Plan the 3 Power Questions to get the conversation started
  • Why having an offer that converts is fundamental
  • Learn the best ways to research the right shows
  • Design your Podcast Specific Media One-Sheet
  • What you MUST have in order to profitise your appearances
  • Essential actions before you pitch
  • Best practices for approach by email (and how NOT to do it!)
  • How to follow up to secure the booking
  • Success podcast lead generation process
  • Relationship with the Podcast Host for Return On Investment
  • Post-interview ettiquette for results