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Visible Impact Mastermind

Is this YOU?

  • Your business is up and running but you need support to help it grow
  • You're lacking connection and the right people around you
  • You are purpose-driven and want more impact on the world and/or your industry
  • You're ambitious and ready to get your message and value out there
  • You're ready for accelerated success, following the right guidance

I've got you!

Join the Visible Impact Mastermind & you'll have

  • 6 Month Access to an award-winning Business Coach
  • Support and Community with up to 20 other purpose-driven entrepreneurs
  • 3 in-person Mastermind Days
  • Fortnightly online calls and training
  • Strategic and mindset knowledge to fuel your business results 

Hello, I'm Anna

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and creatives to get Visible, so they can create more impact, influence and income.

​I know you want moreImpact.

I want to help people to access the success they dream of, to have the influence to change lives that they dream of. For me it's how I can have a ripple effect in the world.

If you're a coach, speaker or purpose-driven entrepreneur, my guess is that you feel the same way.

It can be frustrating not knowing how to grow your influence, not knowing how to increase your income.

Working with coaches and entrepreneurs further along than me changed my entire business.

Everything changed.

A mastermind is powerful.

With my 6 Month Mastermind, you won't just get my eyes on your business, you'll get a support network to turn to.

As a result of a recent mastermind I took part in, I increased my income x13 and my audience x8 in a short space of time.

And I made more impact, more income and more influence than I could before.

I want to teach you how I did that.

The Mastermind Benefits

Look good to YOU?

  • Fortnightly live teach or Q & A sessions online
  • Access to a multi award-winning Business  & Mindset Coach
  • 3 in-person Mastermind Days - January, April and June
  • Exclusive Mastermind Support Facebook Group


  • 1 x 60 Minute Business Strategy Call (worth £395)
  • 1 x 60 Minute NLP call (worth £350)
  • Ticket to my next live event (£97)

Added BONUS with Featured Expert

Sign up to the Visible Impact Mastermind and you will receive a BONUS 30 minute 'What's your Story PR Clinic call with the amazing PR Guru Jo Swann from Chocolate PR.

Jo or one of her team will help you to identify the PR angles in your story so you can share your message and create more impact with ease.

Fast Acting BONUS ONLY!

  • First 8 to sign up get a BONUS 4 hour Business lunch/training in London

All this incredible value to transform your business


for a one-off upfront payment of £2400

Or 6 month Payment plan of £425 per month

Or 9 month Payment plan of £285 per month

This Mastermind is for YOU... 

if you feel...

  • Unsupported by people around you
  • Isolated in your business
  • Ready to grow and a bit confused about how
  • Like you are missing a sense of community
  • Ready to work with a coach but can't afford it 121 yet
  • A lack of confidence is holding you back
  • Overwhelmed by all there is to do to be successful
  • Tired of slogging away with no results

What you will learn

  • How to improve your marketing
  • How to create an effective lead magnet and nurture sequence
  • How to increase your visibility
  • How to price correctly
  • How to have effective sales conversations
  • How to generate more leads
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your field
  • How to launch effectively
  • How to target your ideal client
  • How to connect with industry influencers

This mastermind is not for anyone and everyone.

It's for early stage coaches and entrepreneurs who are eager for more impact, influence and income. 

I'm looking for the perfect people to join me for six months to get results. You have to be willing to do the work though. I can teach you, but I can't do it for you.

Places are strictly limited, and places once reserved will be subject to a quick call to confirm you are a suitable match for the Mastermind. (If you are not suitable, a refund will be made immediately).

Your spot will only be agreed once you have signed the necessary contractual agreement.

Starts in January 2020, bonus calls between Oct and Dec 2019


The value and content that Anna provides has been so helpful with both my business and personal mindset.
Through the monthly accountability, I’ve been able to set goals and implement what’s needed to be done to absolutely smash them (even when it meant reaching out of my comfort zone). I know I have a supportive group that I can go back to for help if I need it, full of amazing people, plus the personal help of Anna herself.
One of the things that I love most about Anna’s group is that she’s always present if we need any advice or help, and often does Q & A’s to help us with where we’re at.  I really love that the membership isn’t  cliquey. That’s the kind of thing that has put me off of memberships in the past. I feel ‘at home’ in the membership and not judged at all.


I've found my membership to be the most go-to place to go to as I am building my business. The weekly updates, group reflecting and focusing sessions and q and a sessions are equally invaluable and supportive allies on my journey.

After one session with Anna limiting beliefs, in fact dirty great lies, that were holding me back from creating my business and enjoying life were removed leaving me free to get on with what had been in the planning stages for years.


I have been working with Anna for well over a year now and can honestly say she is magic.

You are in expert hands and are safe at all times as you share what can turn out to be some of your deepest feelings and experiences, and her aim is always to help you know just how amazing you are, and guide you toward the best version of you. I have no hesitation in recommending Anna to anyone and everyone who is looking to move forward and is feeling stuck in any - even tiny - way.  


Anna - thank you for your valuable content and gives me and all members such value consistently, which makes such a difference. The members connect, supported and motivated each other. This really helped to get me back on track and focused within my business. Your live Q&A sessions are full of content, relevant, at regular intervals, they are detailed and give value. Your guests also provide value and I love the fact that they are available to view at a later date if you miss the live event.  Both coaching calls helped me to gain clarity with a challenge I was experiencing within my business at the time. Your support and advice has been amazing and has really inspired me to keep pushing forwards with my business ideas. THANK YOU!


I think it would be too big a coincidence that my life has changed in every area since I worked with Anna. Work, home, health, finances, levels of enjoyment, gratitude. It's all connected in a way that I didn't really see before. The feeling when you start working with yourself rather than in spite of yourself is very very liberating. I've got a long way to go but I know I'm on the right path! LUCI FISH

I’ve experienced the positive impact of coaching before, but nothing business specific - working with Anna has provided me with more than one lightbulb moment, the power of NLP is incredible and Anna’s support and ideas are (still!) transforming my mindset when it comes to balancing my life and my business. She has opened my eyes to a whole new level of possibilities and I’ll be forever grateful. FAYE CARRUTHERS

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