Is this YOU?

  • You didn't set out to be ordinary. You want to get exceptional results.
  • You want to use podcasts to elevate your status
  • You want to amplify your message
  • You're a service-based entrepreneur building an online business
  • You are purpose-driven and want more impact on the world 
  • You're ambitious and ready to rise as a powerful online leader
  • You're ready to reach your next income goal as a 6 figure earner
  • You're starting a podcast OR you want to grow & monetise your show
  • You work best around people who get things done!

Join The Podcast Mastermind

  • 12 Month Access to Anna, international award-winning business coach
  • Mentorship from one of the leading podcast and audio experts
  • Support and close-knit community with other online business entrepreneurs
  • Weekly Group Mentoring Calls
  • 4 full Mastermind Retreat Days (online)
  •  Access to high level Guest Experts to help you build your business
  • Intimate, high-level support and guidance

Your Mentor

Anna Parker-Naples

I'm a no. 1 bestselling author of 2 GLOBAL BESTSELLERS, host of no.1 international podcast, SME Business Woman of the Year 2019, and finalist for National Entrepreneur of the Year. 

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and podcasters to get Visible, so they can create more impact, influence and income. 

I know you want moreImpact.

I want to help people to access the success they dream of, to have the influence to change lives that they dream of. For me it's how I can have a ripple effect in the world.

A big part of that is using PODCASTS to elevate your brand and amplify your message.

If you're a coach, podcaster or purpose-driven entrepreneur, my guess is that you feel the same way.

It can be frustrating not knowing how to grow your influence, not knowing how to increase your income.

Working with coaches and entrepreneurs further along than me accelerated my entire business.

A mastermind is so powerful.

With The Podcast Mastermind, my 12 month mastermind you won't just get my eyes on your business, you'll get a support network of podcasters  to turn to.

As a result of a recent mastermind I took part in, I increased my income x13 and my audience x8 in a short space of time. I made life-long friendships and powerful networking allegiances.

My podcast has achieved over 100k downloads, and reached no. 1 internationally in the charts. My podcast ranks in the top 1.5% of all podcasts globally (out of 1.8 million).

And I made more impact, more income and more influence than I could before.

I want to teach you how you can do that for your own business.

I know EXACTLY where you are.

Because I've been there.

You no longer want to play around.

You mean business.

You're tired of being on the sidelines watching others:

Achieve Mammoth Launches.

Incredible Audience Growth. 

Hit Massive Income Goals. 

Win Awards and Launch Bestsellers.

Deep down, you know they are no better than you.

You're incredible at what you do.

You just aren't reaching enough people. Yet.

You want to launch a podcast and reach more people or

 You have a show and want to accelerate your results

To Amplify Your Message

You aren't converting enough people into your programs. Yet.

And if you're honest, you don't quite have the right people around you. 

You want to surround yourself with go-getters and achievers.

You crave a mentor who catches your limiting beliefs

And calls you out on them

(with love, compassion, and a kick up the backside).

Who pushes you to think bigger.

Who supports you with empathy and encouragement.

And guides you with strategy and proven insights.

Because you KNOW you can.

You know it. 

You're Ready to Rise.

It's time to become the powerful online leader you know you're meant to be.

It's time to step up.

I'll be frank with you and say that I could never have achieved all I have on my own.

Which is why I bring commitment, energy and focus to our work together.

Let's get YOU creating 


Because, believe me, it's life-changing.

And if I can, I KNOW you can too. 

The Podcast Mastermind


Look good?

  • Weekly live teach or 'Hot Seat' sessions online
  • Access to a multi award-winning Business  & Mindset Coach
  • Quarterly All-Day Mastermind Sessions 
  • Exclusive Mastermind Support Facebook Group
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Feedback on Lead Magnets & Nurture Sequences
  • Advice on podcast growth and retention strategies
  • Access to a powerful network of podcasters
  • Opportunities to work as a podcast syndicate to support each other's growth and co-promote shows


  • Quarterly x 60 Minute 1:2:1 Business Strategy Call (worth £2000 )
  • Access to my Confidence to Get Visible online course & powerful hypnosis tracks (worth £147)
  • Podcast Assessment, Feedback and Review call (worth £500)
  • World Class Guest Expert trainings on PR, FB Ads, Book Publishing, LinkedIn & Increasing Profits in your business

January 2021 ONLY BONUS

  • We're teaming up with Authors and Co. book publishers to create a business advice and strategy book. Each participant who signs up to start in January 2021 will become a co-author, contributing a chapter to position their own expertise.
  • You will receive guidance, training and support in writing your chapter, and we will be creating a high-quality, fully edited copy of the book, which will be launched during the 12 months. This will be a premium quality collaboration project.
  •  Bonus Value £3000



for a one-off upfront payment of

£10000 (plus VAT)


 12 month Payment plan of 

£1000 per month (plus VAT)

This Mastermind is for YOU... 

  • Determined to accelerate your business
  •  You want to use podcasts to fuel your message
  • Ready to grow and a need high level guidance
  • Crave supportive connections and friendships
  • Building a successful online business
  • Want to raise your expert status
  • Creating semi-passive income streams
  • Prepared to put the work in to get results

What you will learn

  • How to use podcasts as the powerful front end for your business
  • How to become a co-author, and launch a bestseller
  • How to grow & monetise your podcast
  • How to increase your audience and downloads
  • How to improve your marketing and funnels
  • How to create effective lead magnets and nurture sequence
  • How to increase your visibility
  • How to raise your prices significantly
  • How to grow and monetise your podcast
  • How to run powerful challenges and webinars that CONVERT
  • How to establish your kudos as THE go-to expert
  • How to Write, Publish and Promote a Solo Bestseller
  • How to generate more HOT leads
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your field
  • How to launch effectively - offers, podcasts, books
  • How to target your ideal client so they are READY to work with you
  • How to connect with industry influencers
  • How to overhaul your social media activity for MAXIMUM results

This Premium Level Mastermind is not for anyone and everyone.

It is by application only.


Because I only want people onboard who will do the work.

It's important that I bring on those who are a good fit for the rest of the group dynamics.

It's for podcasting coaches and entrepreneurs who already have the foundations of their business in place. It is NOT for Start-Ups and total novices in the online space. 

I'm looking for the perfect people to join me for 12 months to get results.

During these unprecedented times, many businesses are failing WHILST those running online businesses, who know how to attract and nurture an audience flourish. For the right offer, to the right person, people continue to buy...but only if you know how to market yourself and close the sale.


My business is one of those that is flourishing. 

I want to teach you how to do that for your own podcast & business.

But I can't do the work for you... attitude and action are everything.

Please note that this is a rolling-programme, with strictly limited places.  A space in The Podcast Mastermind will only be offered to successful applicants.

I joined Anna's Mastermind with some trepidation as my business needed to go up a gear and I knew that by making this commitment I'd have to raise my game. Anna has such vast knowlege of the systems and processes I needed and working in the Mastermind was such a rewarding and productive experience. Anna worked with me to plan a launch of a new part of my business which i've just completed, despite my fears ,and it went better than I could have expected. I still have notebooks full of learning from Anna still to implement and a much clearer focus and drive for the future of my business. I'd highly recommend working with Anna.  

Natalie Silverman

Anna has given me blueprints for sales funnels, lead magnets, email sequences, 5-day challenges, webinars ... she has instilled in me the self-belief to get my services out in the world. Before coming on the Mastermind, I had no clue about how I could get my services out there. Yes, I had worked with other people to try and hone my offering but then stalled not knowing HOW to do the next steps. I now know how to and am about to set up my first challenge, leading up to my first 6-week paid course. Anna has helped me to know the how. If I hadn't come to the mastermind I honesty believe I would have continued to be stuck not knowing what to do next. Everybody looking to launch online needs to take advantage of Anna's superb knowledge and willingness to help.  

Bron Webster

Anna is truly inspirational.  She has a GENUINE passion to help others to succeed. She leads by example and doesn’t just ‘walk the walk’ – she ‘sprints the sprint’. I cannot recommend Anna’s Mastermind highly enough. Anna has taken a personal interest in our individual businesses and has been there to support each one of us. She is always true to her word, meaning if she says she will do something, she does it.  Anna provides invaluable teaching which provides a clear roadmap to success if you are willing to put the work in.

Laura Draper

Anna has provided a level of support and value over and above what I expected in the mastermind. She created an environment where the group came together to support each other, help each other and celebrate with each other.
One thing that became clear to me was the
importance of mindset and clarity
 in helping move to action.  The mastermind helped on both these fronts. Without this I wouldn't have been able to launch my podcast as I did. Thank you Anna for all you gave over the last 6 months.  

Lyn Man

I joined Anna’s Mastermind because I had no idea how to strategically market my business. I was floating aimlessly with no direction. I had no clue how to be really visible, what a sales funnel was let alone how to create one! I was thinking small and had no realisation of my true potential, my value to my clients or the possibilities I could create for myself. I have learnt so much in a short space of time. How to create purposeful content, how to create opportunities, how to be strategic, how to think big! Being accountable has also been an important factor for me as I have a tendency to procrastinate. Within a couple of months of starting the Mastermind, I had a client paying me a substantial fee that I would not have imagined possible.

Becoming more visible has allowed my business to grow purposefully, allowed me to focus on what I really want to do as well as give me the tools to implement this into my marketing plan.
If you want to move your business onto the next level, this is an excellent Mastermind!

Nicole Posner

Anna really helped me reframe the way I view the potential of my skills. I was at a stage in my career where I felt I’d plateaued and didn’t know how to grow it any further within the confines of the industry I was familiar with. Her sessions enabled me to find and collate my audience, increase visibility and develop new ideas. I’ve gone from strength to strength and feel the work she did with me was invaluable. I left buzzing with ideas and have been growing ever since. 

Nicola Redman 

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