Launch Your Podcast Challenge Thank You –

Here are a few steps to follow before we get started.

Step One

I'm so excited to support you to amplify your message and work out what it takes to launch your podcast with impact.

If you're an action taker like me, you'll know that you don't want to wait - you're ready RIGHT NOW.

If that's the case, here's an opportunity to get started straightaway, by joining The Podcast Membership. 

Step Two

Share the Launch Your Podcast Challenge with other people who need to be heard!

The more people you invite, the more chance you'll have of winning the full Podcast Recording Kit (worth over Ā£200!)

Step Three

Request access to the exclusive pop-up group where the Launch Your Podcast ChallengeĀ® will be taking place

(we won't let you in yet, but you don't want to miss out!

Step Four

Pop the date in your diary so you don't forget, and make sure to check your emails and put us in your 'safe' list.

We get started on Monday 25th January until Friday 29th January, with doors to the Facebook Group opening on Saturday 23rd.