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065 Kelly Glover: How To Use Podcast Guesting As A Strategy

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My guest today is Kelly Glover, who specialises in booking podcast tours for entrepreneurs. We talk about podcast guesting as a visibility strategy, and a vehicle to strengthen your personal brand and gain credibility, authority and influence. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The importance of a good preparation and follow up strategy for your podcast tour
  • How to properly pitch yourself to a podcast host
  • Prioritising the value you bring to a podcast’s audience
  • How to navigate the increasingly competitive podcast space
  • How podcast guesting can help your SEO ranking in search engines
  • How many podcast interviews is considered a podcast tour
  • Why you need to choose only one CTA per podcast interview in order to be remembered
  • The most common mistakes people make when pitching other podcasts
  • Top 3 things you need to do to increase your visibility through podcast guesting

So follow these tips, start planning your next podcast tour, and make the most out of podcast guesting as a visibility strategy. Because the time is now.

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