JoJo Graham: Why Storytelling Matters in Content Marketing –

JoJo Graham: Why Storytelling Matters in Content Marketing

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JoJo Graham is an expert in business coaching, mentoring and marketing, who helps women scale their online businesses. We are talking about how you can stand out from the crowd and draw the right people to you through telling stories through your content marketing.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How choosing to tell your story leads to exponential growth in your following and your business
  • What is the main mistake business owners make when they present themselves online
  • How to find out your ideal client’s biggest fears, limiting beliefs, pain points, main problems and desires
  • Steps to take to create social media content based on the solutions to your ideal client’s problems
  • How to create stories that are relevant, intentional and that resonate with your ideal clients

Focusing on your ideal client is the first step towards creating epic content through the power of storytelling. So go out, choose to get visible, tell your story and create results for your business.

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