Jo Swann: How to Get In The Press –

Jo Swann: How to Get In The Press

Jo Swann Anna Parker-Naples How to Get in the Press Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

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Jo Swann is a PR coach who helps female entrepreneurs raise their profile in the press, and who is helping me promote my book Get Visible. Today we are talking about how we built my media campaign strategically and got me in the press.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What is PR in the media world today?
  • What are reactive and proactive PR campaigns
  • What it means to be media ready
  • How you can create multiple types of stories to fit different kinds of media
  • Why proactive campaigns are slower but give you more control over what you put out in the media
  • Why you need different kinds of press releases
  • Top 3 things entrepreneurs can do for their PR

Overcoming the imposter syndrome (Episode 03) and fear of being seen are keys to become media ready and get yourself in the press. So get out there, get media ready and get visible.