How To Improve Your Networking Skills –

How To Improve Your Networking Skills

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Even if you feel fairly confident networking, knowing you're going into a room where you don't know many people can have you absolutely coming out in a sweat. I want to help you through that, so in this episode we are talking about how to improve your networking skills.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Approaching networking events with the attitude of serving other people
  • Why you need a simple pitch and ‘scenario’ for networking
  • Crafting a few stock sentences for one-to-one conversations
  • How to read body language of people in a room and decide who to approach
  • How to lead a conversation with confidence

Networking is such an important part of growing your business. It always comes back to knowing who you help, how you help them and what result you get, so that people can remember you. So work on this, nail it and then you can go into any situation, confidently able to put across the value that you bring.

Links and Resources:

- The Jelly Effect: How To Make Your Communication Stick, a book by Andy Bounds,