How to Get More Speaking Gigs -

How to Get More Speaking Gigs

Anna Parker-Naples How to Get More Speaking Gigs Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

Becoming a speaker in your industry is a powerful way to get your message out to the right people, share your story, and draw in more connection from your audience, so that you can position your expertise and the service that you offer, and eventually sell it. In this episode, I talk about how you can get more speaking gigs.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The different value of local, national and international speaking events
  • Positioning yourself as a speaker on your social media profiles
  • How to tailor your speech title, topics and keywords to match different audiences
  • What to research before reaching out to event organisers
  • How to approach event organisers if you are only attending but wish to speak on that event
  • Speaking for a fee vs. speaking for free

By getting more speaking gigs, you can raise your credibility and build rapport with the audience in the room in a way that you just can't do in the online space. So get out there, get seen and heard, get visible.

Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples is a multi-award winning Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and host of Entrepreneurs Get Visible, no.3 iTunes charts podcast show.

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