How to Deal With Difficult Clients –

How to Deal With Difficult Clients

Anna Parker-Naples Dealing with Difficult Clients Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

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In this episode, we're talking about how to deal with difficult clients. We’ll go over how you should respond to them in a professional and legal capacity, as well as how to come to terms with criticism or even abuse that you might be getting from somebody you've entered into a business relationship with. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Nobody is out to get you - it’s normal to have challenging clients
  • How to establish watertight boundaries with client by signing a contract for your services
  • Why it’s smart to invest in strategic legal support for designing your contracts
  • How to deal with hurt when you get negative feedback and use it in a constructive way to learn something new about your ideal clients
  • How to respond professionally to any kind of negative feedback and have a formal procedure for complaints

So the key is to choose your clients carefully and be crystal clear about your offer and financial terms. The top line is that having some difficult clients is almost like a rite of passage, and you can go through it by setting firm boundaries and maintaining a professional yet friendly relationship in all of your communication.

Links and Resources:

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