How To Create A Powerful Talk As A Speaker –

How To Create A Powerful Talk As A Speaker

Anna Parker-Naples Shaping a powerful talk as a Speaker Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

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If you're asked to get up and give a talk, you want to make sure that it is powerful, memorable and engaging for every single audience member in the room. So how do you go about creating a talk that packs a powerful punch?

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • It’s not about you - what’s in it for the audience?
  • Discovering the core message and audience demographics
  • Consider different representational learning methods in your talk
  • Formatting the talk - why, what, how, what if and when
  • How to use two stories to deliver the core message to your audience

The chief takeaway from this episode is that you should start with the end in mind. And once you've got one really effective talk up your sleeve, you’ll find it much easier to approach conferences and events, because you’ll know the power of your talk for the audience.