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Emma Stirk: Legal Matters

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Today I’m talking to Emma Stirk, a lawyer, coach and go-to legal expert for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We talk about common problems you can encounter as you get more visible, and future proofing your business by wrapping it up tightly from the legal point of view.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • When is the right time to ask for legal help as you are starting your business
  • The stuff you first need to have in place for your business
  • How to define the service you are delivering from legal point of view
  • Being upfront and managing expectations from your clients
  • Paying attention to the data you are collecting - privacy and cookie policy
  • The implications of using photos, copying and pasting various content to your website
  • How to foresee the risks for your business
  • Increasing your confidence as a business owner by having watertight contracts

Remember that your legal agreements are there to protect your business should the worst ever happen. Make sure you get Emma’s checklist for small business owners, and get legally confident as you get more visible.

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