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Eleven Ways to Make Money Podcasting

Anna Parker-Naples Eleven Ways to Make Money Podcasting Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

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Today we talk about 11 different ways that you can make money podcasting. What’s amazing is that you’re probably doing some of them already, and I’m just going to help you do it consciously through a podcast.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Making your podcast the top of of your sales funnel through lead funnels and email sequence
  • Using affiliate programs with Amazon, Audible etc.
  • How to promote coaching and consultancy services through a podcast
  • Driving audience to your membership programs
  • Generating speaking engagements through podcasting
  • Using a subscription model for your listeners to provide bonus or premium content
  • Bringing your audience to live events where you can potentially upsell them
  • Live recordings to foster the sense of community and build your brand
  • How to make the most of sponsorships and advertising on your podcast
  • Listing an e-book in your show notes  
  • The power of merchandising for niche and industry specific podcasts

If you've been wondering whether podcasting is for you, or if you’ve got your podcast but don't know how to grow it and make money from it, then I've just answered that for you.

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