Ready to transform your business confidence?

Is this YOU?

  • You're hiding, not quite showing up on social media
  • You've been caught up in procrastination
  • You're stuck worrying about everything being perfect
  • You're concerned that you'll be judged if you put yourself out there more
  • You wish you could make more impact but you're scared to
  • You've had enough of your business being overlooked

I promise you, I can help you to

  • Attract more clients
  • Charge more money
  • Skyrocket your confidence

Hello, I'm Anna

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and creatives to get Visible, so they can create more impact, influence and income.

It all starts with Confidence.

I used to wonder why I didn't get the results I wanted, why I didn't earn what I dreamed of, why I didn't have the success and recognition I craved.

And then I discovered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Mindset work.

Everything changed.

Suddenly there were no limits, no boundaries.

I wasn't scared to go for my big dreams and ambitions.

The worry disappeared. A sense of fun and adventure arrived.

As a result, I became a regular award finalist on the red carpets in Hollywood, an international Motivational Speaker, multi-award winning Business & Mindset Coach. I became Entrepreneur of the Year & Business Woman of the Year. 

And I made more impact, more income and more influence than I could before.

In this 4 Week course, Confidence to Get Visible, I teach you the exact processes I have used to transform my personal self-worth and my business success.

What you will learn

Week 1

  • Get clarity on the specifics of your business vision 
  • Decide what you'll no longer settle for in your business
  • Begin sub-conscious re-programming for confidence

Week 2

  • Increase awareness of your mindset limitations
  • Uncover the thought habits that keep you hiding
  • Reveal the actions you find most uncomfortable 

Week 3

  • Conquer the historical monsters of your self-sabotaging past
  • Install successful behaviours of excellence
  • Increase your self-worth to be comfortable with yourself

Week 4

  • Overcome your Inner Critic to boost your self-esteem 
  • Break through your Visibility Fears at a conscious level
  • Make a plan to increase your impact online and in-person

I've been where you are right now. 

I knew I wanted more success, more money and better business results.

I knew I was great at what I did but I was scared.

I worried I'd be judged if I failed.

I worried I'd be judged if I was successful.

I wanted to have more IMPACT and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting anywhere.

Through some rather dramatic life events, including disability, I realised the epic potential I had. 

The only one who had been holding me back from success was ME!

 My underlying lack of confidence caused me to sabotage my business. 

The tools and techniques I'll be sharing on this course hold so much meaning to me as they transformed everything.

They are the reason I win major awards, the reason I take risks, the reason for my successes. The reason for my financial growth and business acceleration.

It's all here in this course.

Everything I've learned through my training as a Master NLP Practitioner and Master of Hypnosis. The foundations of all the mindset work I do daily as an entrepreneur.

This course is designed to transform how you feel about getting out there. 

It is a course that will affect your whole life, not just for four weeks.


What you get on this 4 Week Course >>

  • 4 x Online Videos 
  • Downloadable Workbooks to fill in as you learn
  • 4 x Powerful Hypnosis and Visualisation Audios

Course Price  £497

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Working with Anna has given me exactly the kick up the backside I needed to finally push myself and my new venture forward. Confidence boosting content, practical tips, ideas and workbooks so you’re helped every step of the way, are invaluable to keep you focused on you and your business.  I’ve gone from having no confidence to make myself visible, to now getting up on stage as a keynote speaker to tell my future clients all about my new offering. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible before so thank you Anna!

Faye Carruthers 


To build a solid house you have to start with the foundations ... That's what I like most about Anna's course, to be able to shape your business by eliminating your insecurities and fears thanks to the session of NLP.  If you are determined to go for it and get out there, do it with Anna.

Vicky Tessio


The course opened my eyes to the unlimited potential, not only within my business, but within myself. By challenging me to assess aspects of my mindset and existing beliefs, I was able to move out of stagnation and towards action with a renewed sense of clarity, focus and confidence. 

Joanna Mulcahy 


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