Catherine Morgan: How to Create Financial Foundations –

Catherine Morgan: How to Create Financial Foundations

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Catherine Morgan is a multi award-winning financial coach, qualified financial planner, bestselling author and host of In Her Financial Shoes Podcast. Today we talk about the four steps you need to take to lay solid financial foundations.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Emotional and practical side of your relationship with money
  • Guilt, shame, fear and lack of confidence around money that plague many female entrepreneurs
  • How to raise awareness of your emotions and your (over)spending habits - getting financially naked
  • Building strong financial foundations
  • What is profit-first model and why you need money dates
  • How to maintain momentum with good financial habits and positive language around money
  • Consistency, connections and outsourcing - top 3 tips to raise above the crowd in your industry

To learn more about Catherine’s work and become financially resilient, check out the links below and start building those great financial foundations.

Links and Resources: