Book – Podcast with Impact –

Podcast with Impact: How to Start & Launch Your Podcast Properly

Are you looking to create a Podcast but don't know where to start? 

Do you want to grow your audience and position yourself as an expert in your field?


Podcasting is EXPLODING!

Podcasts help you grow your audiencebuild trust and loyalty and are a powerful start to your funnel.

If you're serious about up-levelling, now is the time to jump in to podcasting.

I want to help you get Visible with your podcast. 

I know what it takes to launch a podcast with impact and will share what it takes to start & launch your podcast properly!

Do you want to grow your audience and position yourself as an expert in your field?

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A masterclass in launching a successful podcast!

Anna Fairs

Comprehensive, practical and thorough. This book is the perfect PODCAST 101 for anyone planning on starting their own. I’ve been following Anna for a while and she is the ultimate professional so couldn’t wait to grab my copy and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s jammed packed with everything you need to know from planning your podcast name, through to recording your podcast and then marketing it. It’s so much more than many books that focus on the technical know-how. Anna is an audio pro so covers all of this in easy to follow steps BUT what I love about this book is it’s focus on strategy. It’s a true masterclass on planning and executing a successful podcast launch. If you want to start a podcast, it's a this book.

Podcasters You Need This Book!

Alan Bates

Having recently been involved in a Facebook group run by Anna I was very inspired and encouraged by the huge wealth of expertise and knowledge that Anna was able to share in such a short space of time. When she told us that a new book was imminent I had to get it right away (I love my Kindle for this!). My wife and I have talked about a podcast for some time but never taken the action to get it started, fearing the lack of know how, inexperience with hardware and software was all too much for us. Not any more! This book is the perfect tonic for anyone thinking that they can't launch a podcast - this is a book full of 'you can!'. It is broken down into easy to follow sections and chapters and covers everything you need to know - I can't recommend this highly enough.

As a direct result of this book the 'Beyond Circumstance' podcast will launch on December 1st!

Anna Parker-Naples has truly excelled with her newest book 'Podcast with Impact'. It goes through literally everything you need to know to get started on your first podcast or to improve what you're already doing. So easy to understand and implement. Anna's personality completely shines through as well.
I recently connected with Anna on social media and followed her live training and information videos and podcast challenge. Her energy just lights up bringing forward all her wisdom & experiences in the industry.

So summing up...I absolutely recommend grabbing this book and absorbing all it's glorious content. You won't regret it!  I'm a complete beginner, but now I'm raring to go!

Thank you Anna Parker-Naples!
Absolutely the Podcast Queen!

I found this book absolutely brilliant. I launched my podcast before I read this book by a week or so, but was very confused by a lot of the foreign industry learnings I was faced with coming from a background of coaching. Podcast with Impact laid out the step by step processes I needed to consider and wrap my head around for scaling my podcast over the coming year. No jargon or alienating context - just simple straight forward hand holding. Thank you Anna I have requested to join your FB group for podcasters.

OMG this book has been a game changer for me! I'm in the process of getting my first Podcast launched - and this is all thanks to Anna's expertise. After a year of procrastinating and not knowing how to start (or what to do) I read this book and everything suddenly makes sense. Anna talks you through the whole process and makes things super easy to understand - I'd still be lost without this book. Thank you Anna

So many helpful pointers


Filled with tips from the first few pages. This book is the perfect companion for anyone who is wanting to launch their podcast and even for seasoned podcasters. Anna has so much extensive knowledge which is she shares with the reader. She makes this a no-fuss, easy to understand and insightful book. But what I love most about this book, is that it also helps you think about the impact you are having from the visibility that you ill get across the globe - as Anna says, "that's the power of podcasting". This is one book you will keep referring to as you plan the launch of your podcast. Super helpful for hobbyists and business alike. So much useful information for a winning podcast launch. Well Done Anna on another fabulous book.