Backing Up Your Business –

Backing Up Your Business

Anna Parker-Naples Backing Up your Business Entrepreneurs Get Visible Podcast

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Today, we are talking about the importance of backing up your business, which is something that many entrepreneurs, in their rush to get out there and be seen, don't take the time to make sure that their important information is safe. So follow these tips now, and you’ll thank me later. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How to make sure your files and computer are safe
  • Automated backing up on two hard drives as well as in the cloud storage
  • How to back up your website
  • Why it’s a bad idea to keep your pictures and videos on social media
  • Double check that your accounts and financial documents are backed up at all times

I've learned this the hard way, which is why I think this is a crucial episode that I'm sharing with you. I hope that you are going to heed my warnings, and make sure that you are future proofing their business.

Links and Resources:

- UpdraftPlus,