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How To Be A Great Podcast Guest

Today we’re talking about how and why you need to be a great podcast guest, and how to make the most of an incredible opportunity that this powerful medium offers. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Using podcasts as a powerful search engine Podcast checklist: a good microphone, ear buds and a quiet room Have […]


Carrie Green: How To Build An Online Business

Carrie Green is the founder of Female Entrepreneurs Association and the author of the bestselling book She Means Business. Today we talk about the importance of being intentional and going after your big vision.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  What is Female Entrepreneurs Association and how it grew to 5000+ members Pressures and responsibilities […]


How To Run an Effective Challenge

Today I want to talk about how to run an effective challenge, and why you’d want to do that in the first place.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  What is a challenge? The benefits of running a challenge for your positioning and building trust within your community Creating a challenge with your end client […]


Caroline Strawson: How Your Inner Child Sabotages Your Success

Today we’re talking about the ways in which your subconscious holds you back. My guest Caroline Strawson is a multi-award winning therapist who helps women overcome trauma by using a combination of techniques such as Rapid Transformational Therapy, positive psychology and EMDR.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  What events qualify as trauma What is […]


How to Get Started With Passive Income

Today we talk about why it’s important to get started with creating passive and semi-passive income. We will go through a few options that you have at your fingertips right now, no matter what your business is.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Why it’s worth investing time and work in creating assets like books […]


Learning to Launch

The single most crucial thing I did to transform my business was learning to launch. It gave me insight into human psychology about why people decide to purchase, and as a result it gave me more influence, impact and income. Understanding the launch process could mean that you completely reshape how your business works.  What You […]


Catherine Morgan: How to Create Financial Foundations

Catherine Morgan is a multi award-winning financial coach, qualified financial planner, bestselling author and host of In Her Financial Shoes Podcast. Today we talk about the four steps you need to take to lay solid financial foundations. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Emotional and practical side of your relationship with money Guilt, shame, fear […]

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