The Premium Level Business Mastermind For Ambitious Entrepreneurs 

Ready To Take Massive Action & Drive Growth In Their Business, Fast.

I'm Anna Parker-Naples.

I'm a woman who likes to get things done. I'm a bestselling author (twice!), host of a top global podcast, and founder of a multi-six figure agency, coaching and mentoring business. I'm unashamedly ambitious and like to achieve my goals, fast.

I want to host a mastermind that doesn't just show you HOW but actually gets you taking action to get Accelerated Results.

I help results-driven, capable individuals to build lives and businesses they love, without taking years to achieve what they want to create, by teaching them the skills to reach and nurture an audience and the facets that get results in the online space.

I came into the online/motivational/entrepreneurial space four years ago, with not a clue how to reach the masses with my message and services. I've gone through the darker, challenging times in business to learn how to do things properly, and I want to teach you how to do navigate the rocky waters to create accelerated results and exceptional growth.

I've been mentored personally by some of the world's leading minds in entrepreneurship, having spent almost £150k in personal and business development.

Each investment in my learning has helped me to grow.

Over the past 3 years, I've taken part in many masterminds during my journey to a thriving, mostly semi-passive business. These have been places of growth, support, connection and accountability, that keep me shooting for bigger and higher levels of success.

Masterminds are the reason I have fabulous connections, deep & meaningful lifelong friendships, and stellar business growth.

It's true what they say - who you hang around with matters. And I'm proud to say that I've reached a point in my development where I've been invited to mastermind with Sir Richard Branson on his private paradise, Necker Island.

The question is, are you ready to take that leap of faith in yourself to achieve what you want? I want to make sure I only take on people who are willing to do what it takes.

Accelerated Results Mastermind

is a year-long high level mastermind for the ambitious entrepreneur

who wants to grow, connect, build relationships

and transform their business.

A combination of trainings,

hot seats (with all eyes and ears focused on the challenges directly on you

and your specific business challenges) 

& 121 sessions with me, 

with access to resources and accountability, 

this 12 month experience will help you get where you want to, quickly.

Who this is for

Attitude is everything.


I'm not putting a cap on how much you 'should' be making in order to join this mastermind, as I would never have had access to intensive, deep knowledge of business if this had been a criteria of the initial masterminds I joined. What DOES matter though is your commitment to growth, your willingness to learn and implement (I can't do this bit for you!!).

If you're ambitious and ready to accelerate your business in the online space, make your application NOW.

 Bear in mind though that this is a place of growth, not start up.

If in doubt, apply and we'll see if you are an ideal fit. If not, we can let you know what you need to do to prepare to join later.

Accelerated Results

can only occur when the right mindset is coupled

with intentional strategic planning 

combined with massive action.

When you're surrounded by the right kind of people,

that's when the mastermind magic happens.

What to expect

You can expect to have year-long support to grow - financially, personally and professionally. Not just from me, but from the rest of the mastermind participants.

You can expect to be in a positive, focused environment that stretches and challenges you, and holds you accountable, that celebrates with you when you win and picks you up when you stumble.

The weekly and monthly calls for this mastermind will kick off fully in September, however the initial 121 Strategy and NLP sessions will take place throughout the summer, which we will arrange as soon as you are accepted into the 12 month programme.

Please note that this is not a course. The content is delivered in response to the needs of the group, without a 'step by step' process. You will however have access to in-depth resources and knowledge of this online space. Asking the right questions and being fully immersed is the best way to get the most from this experience.

My Ethos

As far as I am concerned this is what I am here to do - help others work out how to get up, get on and achieve.

I share openly and honestly from my own experiences and entrepreneurial and mindset toolkit with my clients.

I want to work with GREAT people who are positive focused - who are supportive of others, who are ready and willing to bring their skillsets to the dynamic group experience.

It's why we have an application process, to ensure we get the right balance of people for this experience.

I like to work with people who take responsibility for their own growth, and are ready to go ALL IN to make it happen.

I cannot do the work for you the question is, are you ready to claim your space and get Accelerated Results?

I will personally be reviewing all applications before inviting the strongest applications to a call to confirm suitability.

Oh, and I really do not have much patience or tolerance for a lot of the online drama that can occur in coaching spaces. If that's your bag, this isn't the place for you. 

Integrity is everything.

I know EXACTLY where you are.

Because I've been there.

You no longer want to mess around

You mean business.

You're tired of watching from the sidelines as others

Achieve Mammoth Launches

Incredible Audience Growth

Hit Massive Income Goals

Win Awards & Launch Bestsellers

Deep down you know they are no better than you.

You're incredible at what you do.

You just aren't reaching enough people. Yet.

You aren't charging enough, yet.

And if you're honest you don't have enough great people in your corner, lifting you up.

You want to surround yourself with go-getters and achievers

Who understand what it takes from you, and how it drives you.

You crave a mentor who catches your limiiting beliefs and calls you out on them

(with love, compassion and a kick up the backside).

Who pushes you to think bigger.

Who recognises your vast potential.

 and supports you with empathy and encouragement.

And guides you with proven strategy and insights.

Because you KNOW you can.

You know it.

You're Ready to Accelerate.

It's time to become the powerful online leader you know you're meant to be.

It's time to step up.

Let's get you creating


Because, believe me, it's life- changing

And if I can, I KNOW you can too.

What you get

First and foremost, what you'll get in the Accelerated Results Mastermind is support in

your personal, professional and financial growth.

You'll get access to my learnings and resources on growing your personal brand and your business.

And you'll get connections, friendships and relationships that push you further and spur you on.

You'll get not just my eyes on your business, but a group of likeminded, ambitious entrepreneurs, each with their own skillsets to learn from and to hold you accountable.

Masterminds can be pretty MAGIC.

The Specifics

I know, I know, you want to know EXACTLY how this mastermind will work

and what (incredible) value you will receive for

your investment of time, energy and hard earned cash.

I'm a giver - I like to share the truth of what it takes.

So you'll always get my honest feedback on what you need to do or let go of to grow..

And here's what you are waiting for - the breakdown of how you'll accelerate your results in this mastermind.

Quarterly 121 Strategy Call with me

(60 minutes)

We'll get clear on what you're doing that works and what you need to ditch.

You'll get my undivided attention on your business,

and leave these sessions ready to implement.

We'll map out your immediate and long term vision

and the steps you need to take to make it happen.

VALUE: £4000

Kick-off Accelerated Results Method™️ 1:2:1 session

(60 minutes)

This session will be where we do the DEEP work - the subconscious stuff that gets you shifting in to gear fast. Using a fusion of Master Level NLP/TLT (Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy) & Master Hypnosis work, this transformational methods for business success will gear up your mindset for success.


The only other way to access this intensive, transformative work is inside my VIP Immersive package.

VALUE £1000

Monthly Hot Seats

 Every month I'll faciliate a hot seat session so that those who are experiencing business challenges will have the opportunity to get the whole group's eyes on their issues.  

These sessions provide immediate growth and direction to the person in the 'hot seat' and huge learnings and insights to those who hold space, advise and support. 

This is the true purpose of a mastermind.

VALUE £6000

Monthly Business Trainings

I will be bringing to you a business training each month that is in response to the current needs of the mastermind.

Either I will deliver to you myself trainings to support growth, marketing, social media and mindset or I will source the most appropriate expert from my connections of world class entrepreneurs to deliver in our intimate environment.


You tell me what you most want to learn further, and I'll bring in the best person to fit the bill.


You'll have access to all of the recordings of previous trainings too inside the mastermind online portal.

VALUE £5000

Weekly Office Hours

In the weeks between our formal monthly hot seats and trainings, you will be able to access support in a weekly drop in session - to get immediate feedback on what you're struggling with or working towards.

This will be available every single week (except for when I am on my holidays!) - and you'll be given advance notice of when that is happening. 

This is the perfect stop-gap support for all of those little questions that crop up.

VALUE £5000

Quarterly Retreat Days (online)

Every quarter we will come together for a full day of reflecting, planning and mapping out your next level of strategy and growth.

With a full day of focus, the level of inspiration and motivation this can bring is immense.

These days will re-energise and revive you and your business to go out and kick-ass at what you do.

VALUE £4500

Your Summer 2021 Bonuses

The Accelerated Results Mastermind is a year long rolling programme.

Which means you COULD join at any time.

Except that this summer, to kickstart this exceptional experience,

I'm offering you some 'Summer Only' Bonuses.

(Make sure you scroll all the way don't want to miss the Fast-Action Bonus!)

Confidence to Get Visible Online

This online programme is designed to help you step up and get visible, to claim the confidence that is deep within you.

Break through those barriers, with this online 4 week course, with workbooks and accommpanying hypnosis and visualisation audios for unstoppable confidence, and you'll transform how you think and feel about putting yourself out there.

VALUE £497

The Podcast Membership™️

I'm giving you access to my highly comprehensive Podcast Membership with 

extensive trainings on how to launch, grow and monetise your own podcast.

With 12 month access, you will have plenty of time to delve in to this powerful platform for growing your personal brand. 

I've supported hundreds of podcasts to reach the top charts and know that this platform, used properly,

is a sure-fire way to accelerate your business and brand.

VALUE: £700

Accelerated Results Academy Online

(formerly Amplify Your Impact)

This 12 week online programme is crammed with know-how, videos, workbooks, resources, email templates and trainings to learn how to take your business and personal brand from invisible to invincible!

 How to attract and nurture your audience online, how to create sales pages, lead magnets, write and publish a bestseller, and create a killer speech, this course is packed with what it takes to accelerate your results.

VALUE: £2000


Now this is something I am ridiculously excited about. 

I've been envisioning hosting my first UK retreat for YEARS...and it is finally happening!

As an extra special bonus for the commencement of the Accelerated Results Mastermind,

I am gifting 10 all-inclusive places

on this intimate, uplifting weekend experience.

Read on for details...

UK Weekend Retreat

First 10 Only

You will be invited to spend 2 full days and 3 nights on a retreat with me at this incredibly cute farmhouse venue, tucked in the North Pennines and minutes from Hadrian's Wall. 

This fully catered weekend will include your 3 nights shared accommodation, your meals and your time working with me and connecting with others on your business and mindset. A chance to get away from it all and focus on YOU and what you want to bring into the world.

An intimate way to strengthen and deepen connections with other purposeful, ambitious entrepreneurs & a safe space to share your challenges and experiences in a loving, positive energy and honest environment.

You will be able to enjoy both the solitude in the expansive English countryside and the intimate community that this weekend retreat offers, as we focus on helping you reflect, gain clarity, and then reverse engineer what you want to create in your life and business.

This will be an enriching & uplifting experience.

It's going to be something special.


for this mastermind

(including ALL the bonuses)


To powerfully kickstart this mastermind,

I am making this available for

Founding Members

for the following investment:


COST: £1,200 

Per Month



Pay In Full 

(inclusive of VAT)

What it's like to work with me in a mastermind

What you will learn (and much more besides!)

  • How to generate more HOT leads
  • How to increase your audience and downloads
  • How to use podcasts as the powerful front end for your business
  • How to raise your prices significantly
  • How to improve your marketing and funnels
  • How to create effective lead magnets and nurture sequence
  • How to increase your visibility
  • How to grow and monetise your podcast
  • How to run powerful challenges and webinars that CONVERT
  • How to establish your kudos as THE go-to expert
  • How to Write, Publish and Promote a Solo Bestseller
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your field
  • How to launch effectively - offers, podcasts, books
  • How to target your ideal client so they are READY to work with you
  • How to connect with industry influencers
  • How to overhaul your social media activity for MAXIMUM results

This Premium Level Mastermind is not for anyone and everyone.

It is by application only.


Because I only want people onboard who will do the work.

It's important that I bring on those who are a good fit for the rest of the group dynamics.

It's for coaches and entrepreneurs who already have the foundations of their business in place. It is NOT for Start-Ups and total novices in the online space. 

I'm looking for the perfect people to join me for 12 months to get results.

During these unprecedented times, many businesses are failing WHILST those running online businesses, who know how to attract and nurture an audience flourish. For the right offer, to the right person, people continue to buy...but only if you know how to market yourself and close the sale.


My business is one of those that is flourishing. 

I want to teach you how to do that for your own business.

But I can't do the work for you... attitude and actions are everything.

Please note that this is a rolling-programme, with strictly limited places.  A space in my Accelerated Results™️ Mastermind will only be offered to successful applicants.

I joined Anna's Mastermind with some trepidation as my business needed to go up a gear and I knew that by making this commitment I'd have to raise my game. Anna has such vast knowlege of the systems and processes I needed and working in the Mastermind was such a rewarding and productive experience. Anna worked with me to plan a launch of a new part of my business which i've just completed, despite my fears ,and it went better than I could have expected. I still have notebooks full of learning from Anna still to implement and a much clearer focus and drive for the future of my business. I'd highly recommend working with Anna.  

Natalie Silverman

Anna is a powerhouse of a woman. She manages to get so many things done with focus and clarity and is brilliant at what she does. I joined her Mastermind and without it I would have remained to be a bit lost in life. It's not just about business but the way you handle and manage your life too and the group were also awesome support. Anna's knowledge and support was invaluable and she's helped me to gain more clarity about my offering to have a bigger impact on the world. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Natalie Bailey

I am not new to running a business, but I was at the early stage of running another business where I am the personal brand. Anna’s support has been invaluable. Being part of the Mastermind has been such a transformational and supportive process, being part of a group, who were so varied in what they did, but at similar stages, meant that it was a really shared experience for us all. Anna led the Mastermind in a very open, thoughtful and heart centred way, both in terms of sharing her vast knowledge, but also her honesty in the journey she has had, to reach where she is today.

In addition, due to the wide reach of Anna’s business and personal network, this also meant as a group, we were introduced to some brilliant guest speakers too, which covered a wide range of topics, to add to the rock solid knowledge and experience that Anna provided. What was also hugely beneficial, on top of the shared learning in the weekly group sessions, were the scheduled 121’s with Anna herself, which meant we had a chance to discuss in detail, those areas directly related to our business and how and where we wanted to grow.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna, for her commitment, for her support and for showing us the art of the possible when it comes to building a successful personal brand and am really looking forward to seeing where she, all my fellow Masterminders and I head to next.

Lesley Thomas

Anna has given me blueprints for sales funnels, lead magnets, email sequences, 5-day challenges, webinars ... she has instilled in me the self-belief to get my services out in the world. Before coming on the Mastermind, I had no clue about how I could get my services out there. Yes, I had worked with other people to try and hone my offering but then stalled not knowing HOW to do the next steps. I now know how to and am about to set up my first challenge, leading up to my first 6-week paid course. Anna has helped me to know the how. If I hadn't come to the mastermind I honesty believe I would have continued to be stuck not knowing what to do next. Everybody looking to launch online needs to take advantage of Anna's superb knowledge and willingness to help.

Bron Webster

Anna is truly inspirational. She has a GENUINE passion to help others to succeed. She leads by example and doesn’t just ‘walk the walk’ – she ‘sprints the sprint’. I cannot recommend Anna’s Mastermind highly enough. Anna has taken a personal interest in our individual businesses and has been there to support each one of us. She is always true to her word, meaning if she says she will do something, she does it. Anna provides invaluable teaching which provides a clear roadmap to success if you are willing to put the work in.

Laura Draper

Anna has provided a level of support and value over and above what I expected in the mastermind. She created an environment where the group came together to support each other, help each other and celebrate with each other.
One thing that became clear to me was the importance of mindset and clarity in helping move to action. The mastermind helped on both these fronts. Without this I wouldn't have been able to launch my podcast as I did. Thank you Anna for all you gave over the last 6 months.

Lyn Man

I joined Anna’s Mastermind because I had no idea how to strategically market my business. I was floating aimlessly with no direction. I had no clue how to be really visible, what a sales funnel was let alone how to create one! I was thinking small and had no realisation of my true potential, my value to my clients or the possibilities I could create for myself. I have learnt so much in a short space of time. How to create purposeful content, how to create opportunities, how to be strategic, how to think big! Being accountable has also been an important factor for me as I have a tendency to procrastinate. Within a couple of months of starting the Mastermind, I had a client paying me a substantial fee that I would not have imagined possible.

Becoming more visible has allowed my business to grow purposefully, allowed me to focus on what I really want to do as well as give me the tools to implement this into my marketing plan. If you want to move your business onto the next level, this is an excellent Mastermind!

Nicole Posner

Anna really helped me reframe the way I view the potential of my skills. I was at a stage in my career where I felt I’d plateaued and didn’t know how to grow it any further within the confines of the industry I was familiar with. Her sessions enabled me to find and collate my audience, increase visibility and develop new ideas. I’ve gone from strength to strength and feel the work she did with me was invaluable. I left buzzing with ideas and have been growing ever since.

Nicola Redman

I know. You have a few questions to ask before you are ready to join.

Here are some

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the mastermind start and finish?

The official weekly and monthly calls for the mastermind will kick-off officially in September, however your 121 initial Strategy and NLP sessions will be available to book and receive as soon as you sign up, so you actually get access to my support 2 months early.

What if I can't make some of the live sessions?

All Zoom sessions will be recorded, both the hot seats and the training sessions. These will be uploaded in the mastermind online portal. 

What if I am not based in the UK?

This mastermind is designed to be online. The only face to face element is for those who sign up for the initial 10 places at the UK retreat. Wherever you are in the world, you can still join in. This is a global mastermind.

How long do I have access to the content for?

Mastermind resources and content will be available to you for the duration of your time inside the Accelerated Results Mastermind.

Who is this mastermind for? Is it women only?

This mastermind is not intended to be women only. However, the majority of my audience are women! What matters more is that you come with the right attitude.

Do you offer refunds if it isn't for me?

As per our Terms and Conditions, this mastermind is a 12 month contractual agreement. Refunds are not available once you have made the agreement.

Where and when is the retreat weekend?

If you are one of the 10 who qualifies for a space on the retreat, dates are provisionally booked for Friday 15th Oct - Monday 18th for accommodation, with the sessions with me on the Saturday and Sunday. These are subject to change, and I reserve the right to alter dates if required.

When will I hear if I have been successful in my application?

We will get back to you via email as soon as we can to let you know if you have been successful in your application, and to arrange an interview call.

Know you're ready to get results NOW?
Apply for a place on Accelerated Results Mastermind now!