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267 Business Breakthrough with Chris Ducker

For the second time on this show, my guest is Chris Ducker, an expert business mentor, founder of Youpreneur and Virtual Staff Finder. I recently joined Chris’s Roundtable Mastermind, so he joined me this week for a conversation about the takeaways from that event.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
What kind of a breakthrough people need to experience in their business and why it matters
The questions we need to ask ourselves around the middle of every year
Why entrepreneurs need awareness around numbers in order to make a business breakthrough
Why it’s empowering to have the space and the environment to admit you are struggling
How to lead from a place of wanting to serve, inspire and help people do great things
What kind of relationships you can build through a podcast

We need to take time to work on our businesses properly, and genuinely spend time looking at the things that truly matter. So get a little down and dirty, roll up the sleeves and look at what is really going on in your business. 
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