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232 Finding Joy in Your Business

Today’s episode is about recommitting to finding joy within the work that you do.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The difference between hard work and smart work

– How you can be smarter in what you’re doing

– What you need to evaluate and recall in order to find the joy in what you’re doing  

– Why it is necessary to allow yourself time to evaluate what’s working and what kind of life you want to build 

– Evaluating where you want to go next

If you’ve got a knocking feeling that what you’re doing right now is not sustainable, now is the time to reflect on that. I’m a big believer that our lives and our businesses are not indistinguishable. If we are the leader of our business and if we are not finding joy, we are not performing at our best. So start thinking about what you need to recommit to in order to build the business that you want. That allows you to be the greatest expression of who you are in this world. 


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