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223 How to Scale to 7 Figures with Sigrun

Today we’re talking about what it takes and whether it is really possible for you to scale to your first million in your business. I am joined by Sigrun, a business coach who focuses on helping ambitious entrepreneurs turn their passion into profits. She has combined her unique background in personal development, architecture, software engineering and business to offer result-driven online programs and high-impact 1-1 coaching.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How things that happen in our formative years can influence the decisions we make about how we show up in the world

– Why sometimes it’s necessary to do a radical thing to initiate a change

– What it takes to get to the six figure mark 

– What to do if you don’t have any scalable programs

– What confidence in your capabilities means when you are facing dry periods

– How to let go of perfectionism when you are creating something new

It is all about giving your dreams a priority. It’s never time, money or skills, it’s just some limiting beliefs in your head that are stuck, but that you can transform to begin turning your passions into profits. 


– Connect with Sigrun https://www.sigrun.com/

– Check out The Sigrun Show Podcast https://www.sigrun.com/the-sigrun-show/ 

– Apply to get your personal assessment https://www.sigrun.com/scale 

– My Origin Story: The Path to 8 Figures on The Sigrun Show https://www.sigrun.com/the-path-to-8-figures

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