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221 Putting Yourself First

In this episode, we are focusing on why it is important to put yourself first. 

This topic came as a result of me recognising that I needed to make a change to the demands I was putting on myself quickly. Now I’m speaking to you from a place of having intensely looked after myself. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How to sit with yourself and recognise what you need to let go of

– How allowing yourself a break brings a completely different headspace

– What to do when you see warning signs of heading towards burnout

– How to bring yourself to the space where you know that you have the answers

– Why mindset work is never a done deal

I chose to see as a real blessing the fact that I’ve created a business where I get to choose. Whilst I practice and preach consistency, there are still times when you have to allow yourself and forgive yourself for not having that consistency. But then what happens is that you can end up with much more clarity.


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