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209 Why Having a Specialism Matters with Rob Cohen

Today we’re talking about finding ways to become a specialist in one unique area.  

I’m joined by Rob Cohen, who has a wealth of experience in the property market and property valuation, and is Managing Director of MJ Group International. We have just helped Rob to launch his new show, Property Valuation Podcast, which you can now find on Apple Podcasts. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What difference specialism makes in getting clients and having authority and credibility within a field

– The misconceptions people have when they jump into their business

– Why it is important to behave truthfully within your field by saying also what you can’t do

– Questions to ask yourself to strengthen your personal brand

– Advice to people who are scared of narrowing down their niche

It doesn’t matter what industry or job you are in, when you are offering something of value, you don’t want to be in the middle, because anything in the middle is generic. It’s everything to the sides that adds value, and that’s where experts and specialists come in. A real specialist is super deep and super narrow in their field.


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