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207 Facebook Strategies with Emma van Heusen

In this episode, we are getting to the details of why and how you should be using Facebook Ads in your business. This is an area that people are either absolutely nailing, or wasting a lot of time, effort, energy and cash. 

I’m joined by Emma Van Heusen, a Facebook ads coach and best-selling author, who has done numerous trainings for myself and my clients inside my masterminds and programs. 

What You Will Learn In this Episode:

– The benefits of using Facebook Ads

– What makes a good ad

– The differences between boosting a post and creating a Facebook Ad

– Advice for people who are resistant or ignoring their Facebook page

– The goal of retargeting strategy with Facebook Ads

– Changes caused by the recent Apple IRS upgrade 

– What Google AdWords strategy is and when it is effective

The key benefit of using Facebook Ads is that you can make money while you sleep. But for lots of people they don’t work instantly, because there’s a lot of testing involved. Once you get past that and you understand what’s working and what isn’, you will be able to make data-driven decisions, and have a funnel that works on autopilot.


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