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204 Why Podcast Guesting Works as an Effective Marketing Strategy

Today I talk about why podcast guesting is an effective marketing strategy, why you want to have it in your toolkit, and do it intentionally, deliberately and consistently. 

10 Reasons for Podcast Guesting:

 1. You are able to develop real in-person connections with the host

2. It gives you access to highly engaged audiences

3. You are opening cross-promotion opportunities in podcasting

4. It’s much easier than guest blogging for building your SEO and your backlinks

5. You get high-value content produced by somebody else

6. You make the trust badges

7. Listeners can resonate with you 

8. You are able to get fresh leads through podcasts

9. You get increased reach through other people’s audiences

10. With a podcast and podcast guest appearances you are creating create long term content that lasts for up to seven years

These are the reasons why we decided to develop The Podcast Booking Boutique inside The Podcast Agency. We’ve met great entrepreneurs wanting to get on more shows, but who don’t have the time, or the knowledge or the connections to make that happen. 

To find out more about The Podcast Booking Boutique, head over to https://thepodcastagency.com/ and apply for our exclusive roster.