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237 A Process for Year End Review

Today I’m going to run through some of the questions I asked myself as part of my year end review. I am sharing them in a desire for you to be able to give yourself a reflection time, take this process and apply it to your own business.  Year End Questions:  – What you achieved […]


236 Copycats and Undercutting

Today I want to talk about copycats and undercutting. It’s something that I’m seeing more and more in the online space and it makes me deeply uncomfortable. These things have happened to me over the last few years, so I want to discuss what you can do about it.  What You Will Learn In This […]


235 Copycats and Undercutting

I’m a big believer that quality is what matters, so today I am talking about all the elements that we’re putting out into the world representing us and our business. Everything we do represents us, so let’s talk about how much we are allowing people to see us as a person of quality. What You […]


234 The Value of Retreats

Today I’m talking about why I have found retreats incredibly useful to go on, and why I think this is something that you should consider adding to your agenda or wish list for the next year.  When you take yourself out of your business and away from your home environment, with the right kind of […]