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233 The Influence of Audiobooks

In today’s episode I am talking about the power of audiobooks and why you need to take this platform seriously.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: – The numerous hurdles you come across when you want to publish an audiobook – How to decide if you will narrate it yourself or get an actor […]


232 Finding Joy in Your Business

Today’s episode is about recommitting to finding joy within the work that you do. What You Will Learn In This Episode: – The difference between hard work and smart work – How you can be smarter in what you’re doing – What you need to evaluate and recall in order to find the joy in […]


231 Dealing with the Harder Times

Today I’m talking about how to allow yourself to rest and heal your life becomes overwhelming.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: – What happens when you realise there is no way that you can deliver what you intended or promised to deliver – How to recognise that it is time to go to […]


230 Outwitting the Duck with Pete Cohen

Today we’ve got a different title and you’ll understand more about what it means as we go through the episode. I believe we need to hear specific words, set in a particular way at a particular time in our lives. To me, that’s what Pete’s speech at an event a little while ago did for […]


229 What Happens when Your Launch ‘Fails’

Today we are talking about what comes out of failed launches. What You Will Learn In This Episode: – What a failed launch is – Reasons for failing with a launch – Why you should feel your feelings after a fail – How to turn it into a powerful learning experience  In the launch that […]