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097 Amy Rowlinson: Focus on Why

Amy Rowlinson is a coach, iTunes #1 podcaster, mastermind host, speaker and property investor. In this episode we talk about Amy’s new podcast Focus on WHY, where she asks her guests to share their WHY - what it is they do and why they do it. Let's dive deep into it.  What You Will Learn In […]


094 How NOT to Pitch to Podcasts

Today I will talk you through what you need to do if you want to pitch to podcasts and get on some shows that have the right audience for your message. Check out the following tips! What You Will Learn In This Episode:  How a poor podcast outreach email looks likeThe influence of polite communication The […]


093 Sam Rathling: How to Get LinkedIn

My guest today is Sam Rathling, one of the world's experts in social selling strategies, LinkedIn trainer, and the author of the book Linked Inbound. Today we talk about how to use LinkedIn for business, and what you need to do to make it work. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  The advantages of LinkedIn […]


092 How to Choose Between Two Business Ideas

Today we are talking about how to choose which business you should focus on when there are potentially two or three. It can instigate you to exhaust all possibilities before you decide to change your direction. Listen up! What You Will Learn In This Episode:  How to follow your passion and achieve the income level you […]