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081 Fidel Beauhill: How To Pivot Your Personal Brand

My guest today is Fidel Beauhill a.k.a Moden Man, an NLP Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Timeline Practitioner. We talk about how to pivot your business or your personal brand. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  How Fidel transitioned from being a “Bad News Beauhill” to becoming the “Modern Man” The advantages of building […]


079 Jonny Cooper: 3 Pillars of Effortless Marketing

In this episode I’m talking to Jonny Cooper, known under his business name Jonny Hates Marketing. We talk about 3 pillars of effortless marketing, and what it means for your business at this unprecedented time. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  How Jonny Hates Marketing came about Why good marketing should be effortless What are […]


077 Sharn Khaira: Cultural Bias and Visibility

My guest today is Sharn Khaira, the founder of Asian Female Entrepreneurs Collective. We talk about cultural bias and how that implicates visibility in terms of added pressure, expectations and additional hurdles to cross due to cultural, ethnic or racial differences.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  The story behind AFEC- Asian Female Entrepreneurs Collective […]


076 Opportunity to Create in COVID-19

Today I want to talk through the opportunities that COVID-19 presents you in terms of creating lasting assets for your business that can position you, build your funnel, and help nurture and give more value to your audience. The Assets You Can Create In The Lockdown:  Write a book proposal or an entire book Start podcasting […]


074 Managing Coronavirus And Your Work

Today I want to talk openly about how Coronavirus is affecting my working from home. Through sharing what's going on for me, I want to help allay any fears that you might have about what you're managing to do or not to do for your business. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  The impact of […]