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072 The Decision To Be A Leader

In today's episode, I'm going to talk about my own personal journey into deciding to show up as a leader. Because in times like this, leaders are needed more than ever. What You Will Learn In This Episode:  How we learn to suppress our natural abilities out of fear of judgement What life events stood out […]


070 Your Duty To Spread Your Message

Right now, in the midst of the pandemic and the scare that we're currently experiencing, it is more important than ever to get your message out there.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  Finding a way to spread positivity in unfortunate times How to best use your newly gained time for reflexion and research How […]


069 Gemma Went: Why You Must Take Action

Today we’re talking about taking action and why it’s important for bringing consistent recurring revenue to your business. My guest is Gemma Went, an award winning business mentor and growth strategist, who has developed her own frameworks to help small businesses grow and scale.  What You Will Learn In This Episode:  What is The M.S.A Approach […]