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201 How to Use Insta Stories for Visibility with Anna Khanna

Today, we are talking about how you can use Instagram stories to help you with visibility and streamline the process towards making money online. I am joined by Anna Khanna, the founder of Socialista, who helps women increase their visibility and drive profit into their business without wasting loads of time. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What holds you back from getting visible

– What happens after you go through the confidence barrier

– Should you listen to your content after you’ve created it, or just let it go out into the world?

– Why stories are important on Instagram

– Why stories and reels engage people in such a different way

– How to make sure that the posts are ultra valuable for getting engagement

– What kinds of posts don’t get any traction, or don’t get as much traction as stories

If we don’t feel good about getting visible, then we stop ourselves from doing that. You need to get over yourself by finding the problem that can be fixed, and then fix it for your clients.


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