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199 What it Takes to be an Affluent Entrepreneur with Mel Abraham

In today’s episode I want to really explore what it means to be affluent. 

I’m joined by Mel Abraham, the host of a podcast that we are in the process of launching, The Affluent Entrepreneur Show. Mel is an entrepreneur and mentor who helps people grow and scale their businesses, but making sure that they build their own financial liberation at the same time, which is not always the same thing.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Challenges of being in an online space

– Why having a dialogue about problems mustn’t be a taboo

– What stops people from having money

– What real affluence looks like

– Why the motivation comes through something extremely challenging for many people

– What people are getting wrong about building wealth and having affluence

– Importance of saying no to the things that you are not fully invested in 

– Why we should get rid of the wants to start building the richness in life

The money game is not complicated. It might not be easy, but the ability to build wealth, the concepts, the principles and the core fundamental truths are simple when you understand them. The money issues are a symptom of the behaviors, and the choices people make.


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