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190 Refresh and Relaunch Opportunities

In today’s episode I want to talk you through the opportunities that you have to relaunch, refresh and kickstart some energy into the new directions for your business, and create new moments of celebration and success.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why you shouldn’t wait until the new thing happens before you mention it on your social media or in your emails

– How you can make your audience feel they are part of your journey

– What context sharing a part of yourself creates for your audience

– How and where to celebrate what’s coming for your business

Every time you take your audience on a journey with you, you’re inviting them into your world. Having a period when you are seeding, and talking about the trials and tribulations means that, when something finally happens, people are more likely to engage, show interest and support you, because they are going to feel much more connected to you. 


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