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185 Social Media in 5 Minutes Per Day with David Trotter

Today we’re talking about how to keep up with the endless social media content that you feel you have to create in order to build an online presence. I’m joined by David Trotter, the host of the Inspiration Rising podcast, who talks about how you can create engaging content in a short space of time. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How to reach people and stand out if you constantly need to be on social media

– Seven categories to post in order to develop know, like and trust factors with your audience

– How you can show people that you are a real person

– What you can achieve on social media in five minutes per day

– How to overcome the fear of selling on social media and look at your clients through the lens of humanity and serving

The foundation of standing out and saving time begins with having a plan. Only then you will be able to serve your audience with insights that are either entertaining, engaging and educating.


– Connect with David: http://riseupcreatives.com and  http://www.InspoRising.com

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