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179 Gary Das: How To Be Proactive With Pillar Content

I am joined today by Gary Das, whom I keep seeing everywhere on social media! That means that his Facebook ads are working really well. Today we are talking about how you can be proactive in creating the pillar content for your business and social media. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode :

– How to make sure that you are creating content that represents you

– How to put down the right foundations for your business

– How the things that you’ve done wrong become the strength in your business

– Making sure that you are putting out the right stuff and not wasting your time 

– How to start creating pillar content

If you are clear with your mission, it will be easy for you to articulate it. There will be no shyness and no reticence about what you’re here to do. Just keep going and believe in failing forwards.


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