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103 Anna Gets Grilled By Amy Rowlinson

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As a result of being interviewed on other people’s podcasts, I realised there were parts of me that I haven’t shown on my own podcast. So I invited a great interviewer and the host of Focus on Why, Amy Rowlinson, to give me a grilling and ask some deep questions.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • How I discovered and tapped into my spiritual side to transform my life and my business
  • The power of awakening into your full potential and capabilities
  • The seeming contrast between the daily grindstone and the spiritual calling
  • How podcasting became a mechanism to help other people rise
  • The importance of paying attention to who you surround yourself with
  • How your mission is never really complete and there is always a potential to grow

When you get the foundations of your business and your purpose right, it can make a huge difference to your confidence and the message that you put out there.

So if you feel purposeful and ready to take action, to get visible and get the financial results that you want, apply for my 6-month Action Takers Mastermind at www.annaparkernaples.co.uk/mastermind.


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