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102 Podcast Party with Caroline Strawson and Catherine Morgan

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As part of my 100th episode celebration, I’m joined by two of my closest friends and amazing entrepreneurs Caroline Strawson and Catherine Morgan for a podcast party. In this episode we are showing you the inside workings of our business, and how and why building a business that touches people’s lives is important. 

Caroline Strawson is a multi-award winning therapist who helps women overcome trauma by using a combination of techniques such as Rapid Transformational Therapy, positive psychology and EMDR.

Catherine Morgan is a multi award-winning financial coach, qualified financial planner, bestselling author and host of In Her Financial Shoes Podcast.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How the three of us met and became besties in business and life
  • How to communicate your vulnerability in order to connect with other people
  • Why we choose podcasting as a channel to communicate our messages
  • How a working day looks like in the lives of busy women entrepreneurs
  • How we balance being mums, being humans and running businesses
  • What winning awards and receiving recognition means to us
  • What is the one thing we need to succeed
  • What we learned from our least successful launches
  • The best and the worst investments in business that we’ve made

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