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099 Niyc Pidgeon: How to Have Successful Sales Conversations

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Today’s guest is Niyc Pidgeon, an award winning global success coach, positive psychologist and author of the book Now Is Your Chance: A 30-Day Guide to Living Your Happiest Life Using Positive Psychology. We talk about how to have successful sales conversations, and calls to action that will work for your business and convert to clients.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How winning the Hay House competition and collaboration with publishers influenced Niyc’s business and life
  • How the competition inspired launching online workshops on book writing
  • The advantages of women entrepreneurs’ education through Niyc’s program
  • How to develop artful sales conversation skills and change the language you are using around your service or product
  • Why you need to believe in creating results and have no fear of rejection
  • The importance of having a kick-start and getting out from your comfort zone

As Niyc would say, now is your chance - to work on your business, your purpose, your vision, and to master the language that will successfully convert your prospects into loyal clients.