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089 Raimonda Jan: How to Stay Accountable

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Raimonda Jan is an entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker and the founder of Women in Business club. She has built an incredible international business organising events, masterminds, retreats, and attracting over 100k Instagram followers. Today we talk about how to stay accountable and reach those big goals.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What to do now if your business is based on live events
  • The importance of taking inspired action
  • What a big social media following means for your business
  • Who are the people who can hold you accountable for what you committed to
  • How to decide what to focus on on a daily basis
  • Raimonda’s advice for someone who is struggling with getting out in the public

Check out Raimonda’s podcast Inspiring Business Stories, brace yourself and take action and reach those big goals whatever they are.