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078 How To Know If Podcasting Is Right For Your Business

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Today I'm talking about how you can know whether podcasting is right for your business. It goes back to working out what the purpose behind your business is, what your KPI’s are, and it’s about building your list.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The number of podcast listeners is going to double in every country in the next 18 months
  • Why podcasts are ideal for building the know, like and trust factor
  • Guesting on other shows as a first step before starting your own podcast
  • Why podcasting is valuable for speakers, coaches and authors
  • Why more and more brands are interested in sponsoring and advertising on podcasts

The top things to think about is what you are trying to achieve in your business and as an individual in your industry, and what’s in it for your listener. If you are you already creating free valuable content to teach, nurture, warm up and engage an audience, then I highly suspect that podcasting is the way forward. Take the quizz below and find out.


https://thepodcastmembership.com/ - Quizz - Podcasting For Visibility