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076 Opportunity to Create in COVID-19

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Today I want to talk through the opportunities that COVID-19 presents you in terms of creating lasting assets for your business that can position you, build your funnel, and help nurture and give more value to your audience.

The Assets You Can Create In The Lockdown:

  • Write a book proposal or an entire book
  • Start podcasting
  • Write a blog or repurpose podcast episodes into blogs
  • Explore another social media that you haven’t used before for your business
  • Build a mailing list
  • Create a lead magnet and re-write your nurture sequences
  • Start creating your own community on Facebook
  • Be a guest on other podcasts
  • Build a course or structure a group program

You don't have to waste this time, the lockdown is offering us some opportunities. I'm not gonna pretend it's easy, but that time is there. So grab it while you can and let me know.

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