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071 Lucy Griffiths – How Video Can Make You Money While You Sleep

My guest today is Lucy Griffiths, a video strategist who helps people to share videos and create great content. She is also a columnist for Psychologist, and has just launched a new venture with Psychologists and Honest Mum blog. In this interview we talk about how video can help you make money while you sleep. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What Lucy’s business is about
  • How investing in Facebook Ads helped her build her business
  • How she developed 4 passive income streams and how that changed her family life
  • How to sell on camera and through YouTube
  • Transitioning from service based business to automated coaching business
  • Myth-busting around passive income
  • Lucy’s top 3 tips for making money with video

Remember that the videos you are creating are not about you, but the value that you can give to someone watching you. So find your excellence, get visible and start making money while you sleep.

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